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2. German Wizkids Tournament – Heroclix and Dice Masters

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It’s that time again!

The German Championship WizKids HeroClix 2016 and Dice Masters will be held on July 16 and 17 in the Official House Harpen in Bochum, Germany.

The Spielebote, the German HeroClix forum and Asmodee provide two days of exciting games in two qualifiers on Saturday, the final round will be on Sunday and side events on both days.

Asmodee will be responsible for the Dice Masters tournaments, Spielebote, the German HeroClix forum for HeroClix.

Registrations in WIN and the official announcement by WizKids will be available in the coming days and we will keep you informed. Registration via email, see below. Application on site are also possible (please mind. Come 1 hours before).

The qualifiers for HeroClix will be played as a Sealed Tournament using Marvel HeroClix Uncanny X-Men boosters that Booster Draft Battle Royals of side events also only use Uncanny X-Men Booster.

The final round will be played as a Constructed. The qualifiers for Dice Masters are Constructed played as tournaments.

Event information:

Event: WizKids German National Championship 2016 / German HeroClix Championship 2016 / German Dice Masters Championship 2016

Organizer & Systems: Spielebote, heroclix-forum.de/HeroClix & Asmodee Germany / Dice Masters

Date: Saturday 16th & Sunday, July 17

Location: Official house Harpen, Harpen Hellweg 77, 44805 Bochum, NRW www.amtshaus-harpen.de

Drinks & Snacks: We will offer cold drinks and snacks on site. 5 minutes from the site is a supermarket.

Questions: You have questions about the championship? Simply send an email to nationals@heroclix-forum.de or lars.kuehne@spielebote.de


Timetable: (Times are approximate.)

Saturday, July 16:
09:00 – Admission and Registration
10:30 – Sealed-Qualifier 1 (300 points)
14:30 – Pause and opportunity for side events of eligible players
16:00 – Sealed Qualifier 2 (300 points)
19:00 – Side Events & Announcements
21:00 – End of Day 1

Sunday, July 17:
09:00 – Admission and Registration
10.00 – Side Events by the end of the event
12.00 – Final round (300 points Modern Age Constructed)
16:00 – Pause
17:00 – award ceremony
20.00 – End of the event

Participants: There are 32 places available, the number of participants can be extended if necessary.

Registration on WIN: Dice Masters, HeroClix

Reservations also possible via email: nationals@heroclix-forum.de or lars.kuehne@spielebote.de
or directly on-site, please come 1 hours before.

Participation fee: (payable locally) entry time 10 Euro, Sealed Qualifier each 22 euros, 13 euros each side events

Retail Exclusives: (. Sale to registered participants of HeroClix events, one copy per person on Sunday are remainders for free sale.)

2016 TMNT Turtles Van 35 EUR
2016 Batman 66 with Shark 15 Euro


2016 Marvel HeroClix Cosmic Daredevil
2016 DC HeroClix KC Hawkman
2016 TMNT Shredder
2016 DC Comics HeroClix Captain Cold Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card
2016 DC Comics HeroClix Dr. Fate Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card
2016 DC Comics HeroClix Lex Luthor Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card
2016 Marvel HeroClix Sentry Convention Exclusive Avengers ID Card
2016 Marvel HeroClix Tigra Convention Exclusive Avengers ID Card
2016 Marvel HeroClix Swordsman Convention Exclusive Avengers ID Card
2016 Marvel HeroClix Captain Marvel Avengers Convention Exclusive ID card

Top Half
– A random 2016 Marvel, DC Comics, or TMNT HeroClixConvention Exclusive Prize Figure
bottom Half
– A random 2016 DC Comics Justice League HeroClix Convention Exclusive ID card

– Choose a character to be included in a future HeroClix set
– Marvel HeroClix Uncanny X-Men Factory Set
Top 2
– Marvel HeroClix Uncanny X-Men Chase & Prime Set
Top 4
– 2016 Marvel HeroClix Cosmic Daredevil Convention Exclusive Prize Figure
– 2016 DC Comics HeroClix Kingdom Come HawkmanConvention Exclusive Prize Figure
– 2016 Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles Shredder HeroClix Convention Exclusive Prize Figure
Top 8
– 2016 TMNT Turtles HeroClix Van Convention Exclusive Figure
– 2016 DC Comics HeroClix Batman Surfing With Shark Convention Exclusive Figure
Top 16
– 2016 DC Comics HeroClix Captain Cold Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card
– 2016 DC Comics HeroClix Dr. Fate Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card
– 2016 DC Comics HeroClix Lex Luthor Convention Exclusive Justice League ID Card

Battle Royal Side Events:
All Booster contents are placed in the middle of the map to form a prize pool. A 2016 Marvel, DC or TMNT HeroClix Convention Exclusive price figure (choice of the winner) and 3 out of 7 Marvel or DC ID cards are randomly added to the prize pool. Following there is a Snake Draft for distribution of prizes in order of ranking players.

Modern Age Sets: All Tournament legals sets found in our Modern Age Guide 2016

Map Menu: The following maps are available for both qualifiers and the finals. Special Rules of maps are ignored.

DC HeroClix: The Flash
Central City (outdoor) / Keystone City (Outdoor)
Central City Park (outdoor) / The Flash Museum (Indoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie)
Strucker’s Fortress (outdoor) / Avengers Tower (indoor / outdoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble
Arcade’s Arena (indoor / outdoor) / Avenger’s Compound (Outdoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron (storyline Organized Play Series)
Hank Pym’s lab (Indoor) / Thebes, Egypt (Outdoor)
New Timbetpal (indoor / outdoor) / New York City (Outdoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Hydra Iceland (indoor / outdoor) / Nick Fury’s Safe House (indoor / outdoor)

DC HeroClix: Superman / Wonder Woman
Mount Olympus (outdoor) / The Daily Planet (indoor / outdoor)

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest
Danny the Street (Outdoor) / United Nations Conference (Indoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America: Civil War (Movie)
Avengers HQ Upstate (outdoor) / Avengers HQ Upstate (Indoor)

TMNT HeroClix: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set 1
Baxter’s Lab (Indoor) / Turtles Lair (Indoor)
Sewers (Indoor) / Technodrome (Indoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men
Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (indoor / outdoor) / Manhattan Bridge (Outdoor)

In the coming days it will give updates with further details.

hosted by Asmodee: https://www.facebook.com/events/1034565636622804/


Saturday, 07/16/2016
9:00 – start
about 20:00 – end of Day 1

Sunday, 7/17/2016
9:00 – start
about 19:00 – End

Registration fee: 10 € per Qualifier (payable locally)

Registration on WIN: shortly – http://win.wizkids.com/

Reservations possible to: t.schilder@asmodee.com or lars.kuehne@spielebote.de
(Maximum 32 participants per Qualifier)

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